The service is developed for five selected areas of interest (AOI) in Afghanistan. The identified areas represent different types of mineral deposits including gold, coal, ruby and chromite as well as quarries.


Within the project different satellite images are acquired and analyzed. An overview of the Earth Observation data is shown in the table below.

AOI Satellite Spectral Range Stereo (Y/N)
Nooraba/Samti (Gold/Transport) World View 2 Pan, VNIR N
Cosmo-SkyMed X-Band N
Karkar/Dudkash (Coal) GeoEye-1 Pan, VNIR N
Quickbird Pan, VNIR N
Jagdalek (Ruby) GeoEye-1 Pan, VNIR N
Logar (Chromite) IRS-P5 Pan Y
Cosmo-SkyMed X-Band N
Greater Kabul Area (Quarries) IRS-P5 Pan Y